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International Flight Training Students

Welcome to Skyline Aviation Training Academy! We are excited you are considering flying with us. International students seeking to train with our flight school should follow these steps.


Skyline Aviation Training Academy is a SEVIS approved flight school. This school is authorized under federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students, i.e. International students who are neither a permanent resident nor a citizen of the United States of America.

To find our school on the list of SEVP-Certified Schools click here

What is SEVIS?

Sponsoring organizations (such as flight schools and universities) are required to register students on the Student Exchange Visitors Information System (SEVIS). Please find below information that will help you understand SEVIS and your responsibilities.

SEVIS is an internet-based database that allows flight schools and other sponsoring organizations to transmit data regarding students to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). SEVIS is required for approved flight schools such as ours to issue the document I-20 for students to get an M-1 visa.

Student Visa Application Instructions

To begin the process of obtaining a Student Visa for Flight Training with Skyline Aviation you are required to fill out an International Student I-20 Application in its entirety for our Designated School Officials to consider issuance of the required I-20.

The following items are needed to complete the application:

1.       Complete the application form: Simply fill in all fields of the application form at “checkout”

2.       Pay Processing Fee: Below is the I-20 Application and processing fee of $500. Select this item, read the instructions and add to cart. Fill out the form completely and complete checkout. Once the application and fee have been processed, you will be contacted by our Designated School Official to verify your information, confirm documentation and begin the TSA vetting process as well as fingerprinting requirements. Once your fee is paid and you are enrolled with Skyline Aviation we will send original via courier and email a copy of your I-20 form. 

3.       Make a digital copy of your Passport: Scan your passport (in color) so that the page containing your photograph and the passport expiration date are clearly visible.

4.       Make a digital copy of your Bank Statement: You must provide proof of your ability to pay for all course(s) and living expenses, transportation, etc. for the duration of your training period while in the United States. A letter from your financial institution, your employer or Government entity may also be considered. The average monthly living expense is approximately $1500.00.

5.       Attach Copy of Passport, Financial Responsibility Statement and other documentation: Attach documentation and send via email to:

6.       Below is information to begin the TSA Clearance Process once you become enrolled: 

Complete an online application for TSA clearance to train in the United States. You will choose Skyline Aviation as your flight training provider.  The TSA's application can be found at The current TSA fee is $130.00, click on “Application Guide”

Complete your I-901C payment online and retain your receipt. The current fee is $200.00

Make an appointment with your US Embassy or Consulate to obtain your M-1 Visa. You must bring the original I-20 Application signed in ink, and your I-901C receipt with you to your appointment with the US Embassy or Consulate.

Schedule an appointment for fingerprinting, in your country of origin if possible. If you wait until you arrive in the United States, the process may add up to an additional two (2) weeks before you will be able to begin training. Fingerprint processing speed depends entirely upon the TSA. Skyline Aviation does not have control over fingerprint processing or TSA processing requests.  The fingerprinting fee is currently $100.00.

Student TSA Instructions

The United States Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires that, as a prerequisite to flight training, all non-United States citizens must provide fingerprints, biographical information, including full name, passport and visa information, and training specifics prior to beginning flight training.

Training for international alien students may only begin training following approval of your application, completion of fingerprinting and processing, and currently, a payment of a $130 application fee.

Students enrolling in flight training programs with Skyline Aviation will be applying for Category 3 (rating or certification) flight training and can expect a minimum of 7 days to complete the TSA approval process. Below, we have provided some helpful instructions to complete the application process:

         1. Visit the TSA website at Click on the “application guide”
         2. Complete the Foreign Student Application.

                  - School Name:

                  - Course Name: Choose your course (i.e. Private Pilot).

                  - Course ID Number: 

                           - Private Pilot (PPL101)

                           - Instrument Rating (IFR101)

                        - Commercial (CPL101)

                           - Multi-Engine Rating Add-On (MEL101)

                  - Type of Aircraft: C162, DA20, DA40 (select all three)

                  - Estimated Start Date: Enter a start and end date that approximates when you want to begin

                     training and complete training. This can be an estimate; however you will not be able to begin

                     before the date you choose. The TSA will automatically allow you to attend training for one

                     full year in any course but not for longer unless an extension is granted.

                  - Student ID: Not Required​

         3. Once you have completed and submitted this application, the TSA will request that we validate you as a potential student. We will do so for individuals who have enrolled in one of our flight courses and whose deposit we have received. 

         4. The TSA will then send you instructions for the fingerprinting process. You may complete the

Finger-printing process in your country of origin or upon arrival in the U.S. this may cause a delay.​

         5. Once the TSA has acknowledged receipt of the required documentation and fee, we will be sent via e-mail a final document approving you to begin flight training.

​Please contact us at: or 1-325-944-8858 for any assistance needed.

You may also contact the AFSP Help Desk by phone at 1-703-542-1222 or by email at They are very helpful and respond quickly to questions.